so like Marceline runs away & goes on this random wandering through Ooo because her first best friend forgot who she was, & her second best friend cherished her responsibilities more than their relationship, & her dad was never really there for her all he wanted was for her to take over his own job, & then she comes back & there are these two friends living in her old house, & they’re supposedly the new heroes of Ooo & really close to & involved with her old life & her old friends & suddenly Marceline realizes that she wants her life back, because who is this kid to come in & take everything that was once hers, with his stupid positive outlook on life & ridiculously infectious & charming personality & maybe she doesn’t have to take her old shitty life back, maybe this stupid kid isn’t so bad & she doesn’t have to run from everything that hurt her before, maybe she can start over, finally, after a thousand years, instead of just running, because running obviously did her no good & this is my loose headcanon about Marceline’s leaving Ooo up until Evicted & no one can take it from me & it is literally all your fault I hope you’re happy with yourself.

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